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Aug 01, 2011

There is nothing much further to report on the plans for a new pavilion, other than fingers crossed for the planning application - as I write, the decision is expected soon, as you read, we will know one way or the other!

I understand there have been a few objections to the application. I don't know the nature of the objections, or who made them, but I can appreciate how the owners of neighbouring properties might be concerned about having a big new building forced upon them. All I can do is try 
to reassure them that we have tried to balance the need for a building that meets a stated need and has the facilities needed to generate the revenue needed to pay for its upkeep, with a design brief to keep the roof-line and overall profile as low as possible. I know that the roof 
on the plans shown at the public meeting earlier in the year had a "pyramid" shape so as not to block anyone's view (as far as possible"), but with the changes asked for at that meeting the shape had to be changed. We were asked to provide a bigger building and it was pointed 
out that the roof shape would be very difficult (in other words, expensive!) to build, so we have gone for a slightly more "conventional" design. There is still the "veranda" along the front and 
shallow roof section at the back, so the overall height is exactly the same as the previous plan, and, indeed no more than 1m taller than the existing flat-roof arrangement. 

I believe this is the best chance we will get to build a new pavilion for the Recreation Ground.   

This size of building will allow it to be available to hire, so that we can cover its running costs. The football club can hold social functions to raise funds for the club - so they can afford to pay for the use of the changing rooms. There is the possibility that the playgroup will use the bUilding, as its size, facilities and location are better suited to their needs. The main room and smaller meeting room, with level access and disabled toNets, meet the need for smaller 
rooms than the Village Hall can easily provide. (I don't see this as being in anyway in competition with the Village Hall, more a complementary resource).

If we don't get permission, and grant funding, we only have 3 options:

  • We try again, but on a much smaller scale, probably just providing changing I toilet facilities and a small kitchen. There is no waythis limited facility can generate useful revenue, so we would need complete funding from the Parish to run it.
  • We could spend some time and money to re-furbish the existing building. There are fundamental problems with the age, and "temporary" nature of the building
    • the roof leaks in several places, and due to corrosion it is really beyond simple patching - The floor is full of holes, mostly consequence of rain water, but with voids and gaps for vermin to get in
    • The existing doors and windows cannot be made secure, as witnessed by the number of break-ins over the last year - and last but not least, the interior would need a thorough re-build.This is a major project, probably costing almost as much as the proposed new build, but without the potential to generate significant revenue to cover running costs.
    • The remaining option is simply to demolish what we have and clear the site.   Unfortunately, this would almost certainly mean the loss of the football club.

As far as the existing building is concerned, I can report that it now has functioning showers, as required by the football league.   Thanks to Dom Goldsack for his prompt work!

Summer is upon us (I thinkl), so it is time to think about Summer fund-raising activities.

  • We will be running the Wednesday evening barbeques in Cadgwith on the 3rd and 17th August. Please come and support. Any willing volunteer help will be gratefully received!   We are grateful to the "Christmaslights Crew", and others, for helping, and, of course, we will be helping them with their barbeques.
  • By the time you read this, we will have had Sarah and Emma's big birthday bash at the Reel We will be providing the bar, and are hoping to make a sizable profit from it!   Thank you to Emma and Sarah for this generous offer.
  • Saturday nights -13th, 20th and 27th August will be music nights in the marquee. Each evening there will a licensed bar (of course) and two bands - I've already got 3 bands sorted out, so just 3 more to find I Entry will be FREE, so tell your friends, and expect to have a good timel Again, we would appreciate any volunteers to help behind thebar. Look out for posters!

As always, many thanks for your support.

Mike Fleetwood, Chairman.


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