21st April 2020: Reports from Community Groups

Normally the Chair of the Parish Council will call a public meeting each April known as the "Annual Parish Meeting".  The purpose of this meeting is to bring together various community groups in the Parish to report on the work they have done in the past 12 months, and perhaps discuss the year ahead.  Due to the restrictions in place bacause of the COVID-19 outbreak, this meeting cannot take place in 2020.  Instead, several organisations have submitted written reports, and we make them all available here for public viewing:

Parish Council Chair's report

Grade Ruan Community Trust report

Ruan Minor Village Hall report

Grade Ruan Community Land Trust report

Ruan Revellers report



5G Mobile coverage in rural areas consultation

At their meeting on 14th October 2019 the Parish Council considered the detail of a consultation about whether the development 5G infrastructure should be permitted without prior notification or approval from Town and Parish Councils. The Council resolved to respond with a statement explaining that it is important for town and parish Councils to be consulted on the installation of such infrastructure, particularly in AONBs and National Parks. See the full response here.


Vehicle speeds in the Parish

The perceived issue of speeding vehicles in Ruan Minor has been raised with the Council recently.  The Council will discuss this more at its meeting on 9th September 2019, however for information we are re-publishing the results of speed surveys undertaken in December 2015.  You can find a summary of the surveys here, and the full documents here for Ruan Minor and Kuggar.

In 2017 the Council were also advised as follows by Cormac:

"The average speeds in both surveys were below 24mph so one could argue that although it may seem that traffic is travelling at a fast pace, in fact it is not. It is often perceived that traffic travels fast where there is a narrow or no footway and it could be argued that this is the case in Ruan Minor perhaps with the exception of the odd individual....  One question the people of the village would need to ask themselves is whether they'd like so many signs through the village [as a result of putting in place a 20mph limit], urbanising it."


Monumental Improvement Project

 Before their meeting on 10th June 2019 the Council received a presentation by Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on a new funding bid being made to boost conservation and access of important ancient monument across Cornwall - which include some within the Parish of Grade Ruan.  At their meeting of 9th July 2019 the Council agreed to write a formal letter of support for this funding bid.  The presentation can be viewed by clicking here.  The Council's letter of support can be viewed by clicking here.