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Apr 03, 2011

The architect attended our meeting in March, bringing with him tha latest plans, incorporating all the changes that we had asked for.   Unfortunately, this is not quite the "final" version, as the building is a little too large and doesn't leave enough gap between the veranda and the football pitch!   However, we have agreed to not have the veranda run the full length of the building so the gap is increased to a more sensible value.

We hope that our planning application will be finally submitted early in April.

Once that is done, we will urgently need to hear from anyone who is interested in tendering for the building contract.   If at all possible, we would like to see the work placed locally, as we would far rather see the money used to keep local tradesmen employed, than support some big contractor from elsewhere.   The size of the project is probably similar to a single domestic house-build, so should be within the scope of most small building companies.

I am becoming aware that May is getting closer, and we need to start making arrangements for the May festival.   I would be grateful if everyone who expressed an interest in helping with fund-raising activities could get in touch, so we can arrange a planning meeting.   I shall, of course, be asking all the people who have been so generous with their help in previous years - all the willing bar staff, stall-holders, football club members, "Christmas Lights" team etc. etc.   I know we will need the usual "man power" to put up (and take down) the marquee, so the more people the better!    Don't forget 28th-30th May!

As always, thank you for your continuing support.

Mike Fleetwood, Chairman


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