Grade Ruan Parish Council

Annual Income and Expenditure

The selected financial year is:


Category Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Total
Agency [Footpaths]
Interest 0.31 0.31
Loan repayment (from Rec)
Other Received 288001.03 288001.03
Precept 11475.00 11475.00
Precept CTS Grant 274.00 274.00
PWLB Received
Rent Received 414.01 414.01
VAT Refund
  300164.35 300164.35


Category Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Total
Admin [Data Protection]
Admin [Elections]
Admin [External Audit]
Admin [Internal Audit]
Admin [Legal Fees]
Admin [Meeting costs]
Admin [Office]
Admin [Training]
Footpaths [Additional]
Footpaths [LMP & SWCP]
Grants [Churchyard Grass]
Grants [Coach Hire]
Grants [General] 200.00 200.00
Grants [s.137]
Grants [Under5s]
Maintenance [Bus Shelter] 20.00 20.00
Maintenance [Dog Wastebins]
Maintenance [Grass Cutting]
Maintenance [Play Equip]
Maintenance [Repairs]
Maintenance [Trees]
Maintenance [Xmas Trees]
Public Lighting
PWLB Repayment
Subscriptions 400.29 400.29
Verge Cutting and Weeds
Wages [Mileage]
Wages [Net Pay] 550.56 550.56
Wages [Pensions] 176.23 176.23
Wages [Tax/NI] 137.60 137.60
  1484.68 1484.68